Why it’s important to look for a dispensary with medical professionals…

The healing properties of cannabis continue to be validated by both clinical studies and the United States government as its legality expands across the country. However, it’s very important to consult a medical professional at a dispensary when selecting products.

Things you want to discuss with your wellness consultant:  

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  • How cannabis will interact with your current medications.  

  • How to match strains and the plants’ chemical compounds to your illness for healing and relief. (the integrity of medically grown cannabis allows you to select a strain matched to your illness and symptoms)  

  • Proper dosing amounts that will allow you to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed.  

If you’ve been considering medical cannabis as a treatment option, but are feeling scared, ashamed, or intimidated, grab the 20% off coupon below and book a private consultation with Dr. Apgar to discuss your options


Book ahead to schedule a 30-minute consultation with our Medical Director and In-House Physician, Dr. Leslie Apgar. This is perfect for those who need help integrating medical cannabis with other medications, those who are suffering from specific conditions and would like a doctor's guidance, or those who feel more comfortable speaking with a physician. These are limited to the hours of 11am-1pm on Monday's and are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also book a consult with one of our wellness consultants. This is perfect for patients who may want extra reassurance, who would like guidance getting certified, or have specific questions that they would like to discuss with a professional. 

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