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Your #1 Local Maryland Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Greenhouse Wellness is one of Columbia, Maryland's finest medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition to providing high quality medical treatments, Greenhouse Wellness has a staff of registered nurses and an in-house medical director to provide patients the best possible cannabis treatment. As medical marijuana research increases and the industry grows, Maryland dispensaries like Greenhouse Wellness will continue to provide updated, innovative treatment options to customers.  

Getting Started

Before visiting Greenhouse Wellness, patients will need to register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. A specialized physician or healthcare professional will provide certification to receive marijuana as a treatment for your particular disease or ailments and file your paperwork with the state. Maryland provides a list of conditions that can be legally treated with marijuana, but if your healthcare professional decides that the treatment is in your best interest, you may be allowed to use marijuana as a treatment despite your ailment not being listed by Maryland government. In addition, some people use MyCannX, a Maryland service that guides patients through the registration process for certifying marijuana treatment. After you have obtained the necessary certification and registered as a patient, we invite you to visit Greenhouse Wellness to find the strain and product that will be just right for your needs, symptoms, and conditions.

Treatment Plans

Greenhouse Wellness offers a variety of treatment plans that are based on the needs and conditions of individuals. After deciding on the desired effect of treatment, professionals on site can help patients decide what product will fulfill their needs in the desired format, whether that is through oils, tinctures, or other alternatives. Every patient is matched with a Greenhouse Wellness staff member to ensure a customized cannabis treatment plan and individual product selection.

The main treatment categories are;

  • Comfort for pain relief and soothing

  • Unwind for relaxation and reducing stress

  • Rest for sleeping and calming effects

  • Energize for creative boosts and focus

Various medication applications include oils, tinctures, vaporizers, and concentrates, focusing on non-smoking methods for a safer and more effective treatment.

Origins and Intent

In general, people do not expect Greenhouse Wellness to be founded by two mothers and best friends who have backgrounds in the medical field and investing. We are proud to defy the stereotypes in our effort to bring sensible cannabis treatment to families in need of non-opiate based pain relief and wellness education. Cannabis has the stigma of being a seedy, unprofessional drug. However, the medical advantages and treatment possibilities of cannabis are constantly growing as more research is completed. Greenhouse Wellness was founded to help break the stigma that marijuana is an unhealthy, addictive drug, and instead replace it with the knowledge that marijuana is an excellent, safe treatment for people who need everyday relief from chronic or severe illnesses. The non-addictive marijuana treatments are excellent to replace or combine with current pain treatment to make a safer, healthier future for patients and their families.

As the Maryland medical marijuana industry grows, more and more healthcare professionals will prescribe cannabis treatments. Laws that increase researchers' ability to study, perfect, and explore cannabis in a medical format will provide the flexibility for more innovative health treatments. Studies continue to examine marijuana's ability to treat and cure chronic, severe, and mental diseases that were previously difficult to cure.

Greenhouse Wellness is a Maryland medical marijuana dispensary that emphasizes improving and healing people's lives through cannabis. To join in restoring your personal health, begin your medical marijuana journey at Greenhouse Wellness today.