How Maryland Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are Changing Healthcare

How Maryland Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are Changing Healthcare

Although marijuana is only now becoming legal in some parts of America, cannabis has been studied and examined in many other countries to further understand the benefits and dangers of its natural remedy. For hundreds of years, healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical companies have used a standard, industrial treatment to treat a variety of diseases; the efficient, yet impersonal approach is not always beneficial or successful in curing patients of diseases.

Current Healthcare Treatments

For at least a decade, the healthcare industry has caused patients to become addicted to opioids, pain medication that is highly addictive when used for extended periods, and we’ve seen a devastating rise in opioid overdose among patients and those who abuse the medications. According to the CDC, around 90 people die every day from overdosing on opioids. In addition, most of the United States have left marijuana an illegal substance, casting out an effective, safe, non-addictive alternative to opioid painkillers. A large portion of the developed world like Israel, Britain, and Germany are leading marijuana research efforts to fully utilize the medical and chemical benefits of the plant.

Research Development

In Israel, academic and lab studies are being conducted to closely study the chemical and biological makeup of cannabis, as well as the neurological potential influence and treatment options. Similarly, Britain's Oxford University has spent around 10 million pounds to research marijuana and possible medications, as well as the continued manufacturing of Sativex and other marijuana medications. Germany, too, has been devoting laboratories to researching marijuana's ability to treat dementia and other effects of aging.

Increasingly Versatile Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Around the world, marijuana's health reputation is growing, and the United States is slowly starting to allow more medical treatments involving marijuana. The treatments that cannabis can provide will allow people across all social and economic groups to have access to more affordable healthcare, in addition to a safer, less addictive medication. People who suffer from anxiety, cancer, chronic fatigue, pain, depression, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and ulcerative colitis are finding that marijuana can be a healthy, beneficial pain relief that has biological benefits. Moreover, many people are using marijuana as an addiction fighting exit solution to transition from harmful drugs like alcohol, cigarettes, or opioids. America is slowly moving towards a country with accessible healthcare, providing marijuana treatment options to benefit all citizens.

Maryland's medical marijuana dispensaries will continue to grow and develop as cannabis becomes more accessible via legalization. New therapies and treatment options will become available for registered patients, opening doors previously locked for those with hard to treat chronic diseases. Dispensaries will need to maintain high standards of health and wellness to bring patients the best possible care.

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