What to Expect from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Maryland

As medical marijuana becomes legal, more and more patients are registering for a marijuana certification card to allow them access to the new variety of medicine. Medical marijuana relieves a wide range of symptoms and conditions, and it brings a more inexpensive, effective treatment option for many people. However, once you've got your certification, the wide range of strains, effects, and formats of marijuana products can be overwhelming. In addition, many dispensaries do not provide enough information for patients to decide what treatment is right for them. We thought it would be helpful to provide you with a guide on what to expect from medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland so you don’t feel like such a newbie when you walk through the door.

A Wide Variety of Medical Marijuana

Dispensaries generally have a wide selection of strains and products to choose from. As medical marijuana grows in popularity, the combinations of treatment options and symptom relief expands. In general, dispensaries offer products of the sativa and indica strains, with applications of oils, balms, salves, vapors, and more. However, keep in mind that Maryland does not yet allow edible marijuana to be sold or consumed.

Cannabis Preparation is Key

Whenever you purchase marijuana at a dispensary, you will be required to show your ID and marijuana certification card or doctor's recommendation. In addition, you can research the dispensary ahead of time to get background knowledge on the procedures, customer experience, and product menu of the establishment. Once you know what kind of treatment or ailment you need to cure, you can examine the different strains and marijuana products to understand background knowledge on the kind of product you need. By coming prepared, you will be able to ask better questions that will result in a better treatment plan of medical marijuana.

Ask Questions

Although it may take some time, make sure to ask all of the questions you need to feel confident and satisfied with your purchase. Some dispensaries offer professional advice and guidance, but other times you may have to initiate asking the dispensary staff questions. Even if you are sure about the product you desire, ask the staff questions about the product and other competitors to ensure you make the best choice possible. You don't have to take their advice, but gathering all possible knowledge will aid in your treatment plan's success. No matter what, do not let dispensary staff pressure you into a decision; your treatment plan is your own, and talk to as many healthcare professionals as you need to feel comfortable before buying the medical marijuana product.

Medical marijuana is an amazing alternative treatment that will continue to grow in popularity. Every year, marijuana saves more lives, and the studies that are being conducted will continue to free cannabis of the stigma surrounding its medical properties. If you have decided to use medical marijuana as a treatment option, select a dispensary and product that are going to show you the full benefits of the treatment. In addition, you may want to ask healthcare professionals or dispensary staff to ensure you are selecting the best treatment.  Our team here at Greenhouse Wellness is committed to being your #1 resource for safe, healthy exploration of the benefits of medical marijuana with expert guidance and product education.  We look forward to seeing you at the store!


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