The Health Benefits of Maryland Medical Cannabis

Recently, our beautiful state legalized the use of Maryland medical cannabis. Although there has been a constant stigma around cannabis in the United States for decades, the number of successful treatment studies are accumulating as is the research on marijuana health benefits. Many other developed countries are supporting and researching the benefits of cannabis, producing amazing peer-reviewed scientific studies on the health benefits of medical cannabis while the United States is slowly catching up.

Increased Research and Study of Maryland Medical Cannabis

Several states across America have already legalized medical cannabis, either for medical or recreational purposes, but the research done on marijuana shows no sign of negative health effects. As of current studies, most medical groups agree that marijuana is safe as long as you use it correctly; smoking any substance is not healthy for the lungs, and there are certain prohibiting factors. You cannot, however, overdose on marijuana, and tolerance is not known to develop easily. Potential health risks include short term memory impacts, however, studies have also found that cannabis increases long term memory and creativity. As with any substance, responsible use is of primary importance.

Maryland Medical Cannabis Treatments and Cures

While there are a few possible negative effects, marijuana is still one of the most effective and safe medical treatments for a wide variety of conditions and diseases. Medical cannabis fights and prevents glaucoma, epileptic seizures, cancer, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C, inflammatory bowels, arthritis, and chemo treatment side effects, along with countless other symptoms and diseases. In addition, medical cannabis provides general mood and stress-decreasing benefits that can improve the general population's quality of life.

Maryland Medical Cannabis ; The Other Side of the Law

After examining the benefits of Maryland medical cannabis, many people wonder why cannabis is not yet legal across the country. One of the more prominent reasons is that powerful pharmaceutical companies, which manufacture pain relievers like opioids or other medications that marijuana can replace, stand to lose a large amount of money if marijuana becomes legal nationwide. The natural, easily grown, and effective medicine of marijuana will make many of the dangerous and expensive medications unnecessary, and the larger pharmaceutical companies want to continue making a profit off of these drugs, hence the extensive lobbying they do to keep it illegal.

Everyday Effects of Maryland Medical Cannabis

In addition to the medical treatments marijuana provides, there are many everyday benefits that the general population can gain. Medical cannabis regulates insulin production, causing weight loss and an improved metabolism as the body learns to better manage calorie intake. Cannabis also has an enormous effect on anxiety and depression, showing a large increase in mood and relaxation. These everyday effects, coupled with the disease treatments and addiction recovery possibilities, create a nearly indisputable case for the positive benefits of medical marijuana.

The legalization of medical cannabis in Maryland is going to provide a healthy, cheaper, and more effective treatment for people with a wide range of conditions. As cannabis becomes legalized in more states, more people will look to the research to determine if marijuana is a safe treatment option. If you have decided to begin your medical cannabis treatment, you should seek marijuana patient certification and come visit us at Greenhouse Wellness to help you get the treatment that will be right for you.


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