Getting Pain Relief from Medical Marijuana

As more and more people become addicted, dependent, or resistant to pain medication like opioids, the need for medical marijuana is higher than ever. Cannabis has a long list of health benefits and treatment abilities, and there are more studies researching marijuana's anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective qualities. America is starting to look at the research behind marijuana instead of the stigma attached to it, and the effects on the nation's health are beginning to show it.

An Opioid Addiction Epidemic

Each day, the numbers of opioid overdose deaths increase. All around the United States, the opioid epidemic is present, as hospitals and doctors continue to treat patients with addictive opioids that can lead to addiction and misuse. Since 2005, opioid emergency room visits have increased by 99%; however, there are still 650,000 opioid prescriptions that get delivered every day. With marijuana pain medication still widely illegal, doctors have no choice but to continue to prescribe the debilitating, addictive opioids that cost tens of thousands of Americans their lives and $55 billion dollars in health care costs every year.

Opioids vs Cannabinoids

Marijuana contains chemicals called cannabinoids, similar to opioids, that relieve pain and provide many benefits to the human body. However, unlike the addictive opioids, cannabinoids do not cause dependency and are relatively tolerance-resistant, so they continue to provide effective treatments. Cannabinoid dosages can also keep the opioid amounts down in patients, limiting overdose risk and decreasing dependency and tolerance. In states that have legalized medical marijuana, healthcare facilities are prescribing around 2,000 fewer dangerous painkillers a year, and the number is constantly growing.

Increased Research and Study

The hardest part of medical marijuana is the stigma surrounding it. The research of its benefits show amazing results in the majority of studies, but the negative stigma that has surrounded cannabis for years still remains. However, as research progresses and the population becomes more educated, medical marijuana will hopefully grow to be a common pain medication, eventually replacing the harmful opioids and drugs. Already, other developed countries are reducing their opioid usage and substituting marijuana as pain treatments.

Medical marijuana continues to provide a healthy, safe alternative treatment for Americans. As cannabis becomes legalized, healthcare facilities and professionals are starting to substitute stronger, addictive drugs like opioids for marijuana, or using marijuana in combination with opioids to decrease dependency and immunity. If you've decided to use medical marijuana as a pain relief or other treatment option, talk to your doctor or local dispensary about finding the treatment option that is best for you.

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