What New Medical Marijuana Patients Need to Know

If you've recently decided to use medical marijuana as a treatment, you may feel confused or uncertain of how to begin the process. In addition to online resources, you can visit your doctor or local dispensary to find out more information about treatment options before applying to be a certified marijuana patient. There are several different processes you must complete to be able to purchase marijuana at a dispensary, but as long as you follow these steps, you will be able to use medical marijuana as a healthy, effective treatment option.

The Registration Process

Before visiting a dispensary, patients must register on the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website to be entered into the cannabis patient database. Candidates must provide their name, address, date of birth, and a photo of their state issued id card. There is no fee for registration, but patients may pay $50 to receive a cannabis ID card after certification.

Acquiring Certification

In order to receive certification, patients must receive a written certification from their registered physician or healthcare provider to submit to the commission website. Patients must have a 'bona fide' relationship with their physician, and they must meet in person to receive their certification. At this time, the health care provider will decide if the patient meets the medical marijuana criteria. Patients may receive this certification from their physician, dentist, nurse practitioner, or midwife.

Limiting Factors

In addition to meeting Maryland Commission patient treatment qualifications, patients must also follow possession and growing constraints. Marijuana may only be grown and obtained from a registered dispensary and manufacturer; edible marijuana is still considered illegal in Maryland. In other words, it is not yet legal to grow your own cannabis for personal consumption or distribution. If a patient is under the age of 18, they must have a parent or guardian register as a caregiver, acquiring a license for them and monitoring their treatment plan.  

Dispensary Information

Along with consumer restrictions, Maryland requires dispensaries to allow no more than 120 grams of medical cannabis to be possessed at one time. Furthermore, only 36 grams of THC is allowed in a month. The law does allow for slight discrepancy if there is physician documentation that requires a patient to have more for a given time. Dispensaries cannot recognize medical cannabis ID cards from other states, but out-of-state individuals are allowed to register for a Maryland medical cannabis card.

While the process for medical marijuana patient certification is somewhat long, new patients will be able to experience the full benefit of legalized medical marijuana. After you have received the proper certification, you can purchase marijuana at your preferred dispensary. Remember to ask dispensary staff the necessary information to ensure the product you are buying is right for you. In addition, some dispensaries offer medical staff and advisor assistance for patients who are unsure what product is right for them, as well as explaining the separate strains and intensity of products.

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