The Rules for Growing Medical Marijuana in Maryland

With recent legal reforms sweeping our state, the rules for growing medical marijuana in Maryland continue to evolve.

A few years back, medical and recreational marijuana was illegal throughout the United States. However, as society begins to adapt and cast out the false stereotypes attached to cannabis, patients are gaining access to a whole new world of treatments and products. If advancements in the medical uses of marijuana lend the necessary credibility to further legalize the plant across the USA, patients may eventually have the ability to grow their own marijuana and treat their chronic conditions at home. However, many Americans do not fully understand the economic and healthcare issues surrounding marijuana legalization advances and our laws are slow to catch up.

While the rules for growing medical marijuana in Maryland do not allow patients to cultivate their own cannabis plants at home (yet), cultivation is still an important factor to quality cannabis medicine. The only legal dealers are dispensaries and manufacturers certified by the Maryland government, of which there is a limited list.

Licensed Marijuana Cultivation in Maryland

Unless you are a licensed for growing medical marijuana in Maryland, you can be charged with a felony  if you are found growing marijuana plants in or around your home. The amount of marijuana being grown does not matter; you will be charged with either manufacturing or possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, regardless of actual distribution. According to Maryland law, drug manufacturing is defined by a person producing, preparing, or compounding a substance with the intent to sell.

To ensure the law is being followed, Maryland police and DEA agents practice flyover helicopter surveillance in rural areas, particularly during the months of September and October. During these fall months, marijuana crops are typically ready to harvest and easier to spot by officials.

Upcoming Marijuana Distribution

In the coming 2018 months, Maryland dispensaries plan to release more products and variety as manufacturers release more supply. While citizens are not allowed to grow their own crops, there will be a variety of options for treatments that should satisfy any needs they have, all produced on certified crops across the state. This product will be processed by specially licensed processors into oils, edibles, and other alternative consumption methods.

Medical Marijuana in Maryland will continue to grow and improve as there is more freedom for patients and dispensaries. At the moment, Maryland law declares it illegal for an unlicensed or private patient to grow medical marijuana; in the future, perhaps patients will be allowed to control and grow their own medicine, ensuring the necessary strain and chemicals are produced for their product. Until that time comes, medical marijuana patients are encouraged to seek advice from a knowledgeable dispensary to find the correct product for their issues.


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