10 More Benefits of Marijuana You Probably Didn’t Know

The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classified cannabis as a Schedule I drug. To make medical use of cannabis more accessible, THC was synthesized in 1966, finally being approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USDA) in 1985. Some medical conditions have been helped by medical cannabis, including the chemotherapy side effects from cancer treatment. The benefits of cannabis are more far reaching than people realize on first glance.

10 Benefits of Marijuana


Studies have shown cannabis use can control epileptic seizures. The drugs stopped seizures in about 10 hours. It is found that THC controlled the seizures by binding the brain cells responsible for controlling excitement and relaxation.

Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabis works to stop the negative neurological side effects and muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis. Cannabis may ease painful symptoms including contractions of the muscles. THC in cannabis bonds the receptors in the nerves and muscles to relieve pain.

Parkinson’s Disease

Smoking cannabis reduces pain and tremors improves sleep for people with Parkinson’s. People who used cannabis also improved fine motor skills, one of the hallmark challenges for people who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease.

Crohn’s Disease

Cannabis can cure Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disorder which causes pain, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and more. Smoking cannabis greatly reduced symptoms and caused cancellation of the disease in half the patients of one study. More research is needed but this shows promise.

Dravet’s Syndrome

Dravet Syndrome causes seizures and severe developmental delays. Some people encounter several hundred seizures a week and some trials of cannabis therapy are finding it quiets excessive activity in the brain which leads to seizures.


Medical marijuana has shown promise in helping people who suffer from lupus. The chemicals present in cannabis are believed to help calm the immune system, which helps alleviate symptoms of Lupus.


Research on rats, mice, and donkeys have shown cannabis helps protect the brain from damage caused by a stroke which can reduce the size of the area affected by the stroke. Other research has shown the plant may help protect the brain after other traumatic events like concussions.

Muscle Spasms

Other types of muscle spasms respond to cannabis. Medical cannabis can help treat diseases which have symptoms of muscle spasms because it helps calm the attacks almost immediately, relaxing the muscles of the diaphragm, too.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

People who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may benefit from THC, and cannabidiol, which interact with cells in the body to help support gut function. Plant-derived cannabinoids in marijuana block body-cannabinoids, stopping permeability, which makes the intestinal bond tighter.

Eliminates Nightmares

Marijuana disturbs the sleep cycle by interrupting the later stages of REM sleep. People who suffer from serious nightmares, including people with PTSD, may find cannabis helps them. Marijuana may actually be a better sleep aid than anything else without the nasty side effects.



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