A Physician’s Take on Optimal Cannabis Dosing

Dosage is very important when considering the most optimal benefits of cannabis. A basic understanding of how cannabis is dosed and why will help empower you to make better choices when selecting the right path for you to take when using medical cannabis. Let’s explore a physician’s take on optimal cannabis dosing.

Therapeutic Window

The term ‘therapeutic window’ describes the range between the lowest effective dose and the dose that produces unwanted or intolerable side effects. People who have little or no experience using cannabis typically have a very narrow therapeutic window. Regular users develop a wider therapeutic window. You will build tolerance over time to the various effects of cannabis.

Bidirectional Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis can produce the opposite (bidirectional) effects in some people with different strains, at different dosages. Anxious people who take cannabis to relax may find it works well but non-anxious people who take the same dose might develop some anxiety. The same dose of two different varieties of cannabis can cause opposite effects.


CBD and THC have many overlapping therapeutic qualities: pain relief, anxiety, seizures, and nausea. When combined, CBD and THC can enhance each other’s benefits while reducing unwanted effects. Ultra-low doses of cannabis can be extremely effective, sometimes even more than the other extreme. When adding CBD or THC, the therapeutic window becomes much wider.

Ultra-low Dosages

Ultra-high doses work for some people, but many need to work up to high doses. THC consumers can quickly reach high doses of CBD without adverse effects. Ultra-low doses can be effective in combating some adverse effects. The therapeutic effects of THC-dominant cannabis can be achieved at doses lower than those required for euphoria. Microdosing, taking a non- or slightly psychoactive dose for improved health is gaining popularity.


For people who are new to cannabis use, it is important to start with a low dose, go slow and don’t be afraid. Finding an optimal dose can take time. If you have built tolerance over time of use, there are ways to reduce cannabis use while improving the overall benefits. Non-inhaled delivery methods such as tinctures or sprays can be used to help unlock the power of cannabis for better health.



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